Small Magnetic Hanging Frame - 13cm


Fancy displaying one of our cross stitch or embroidery projects in a new way?These magnetic display frames make a really fun way of presenting your stitching!

Made of wood (which could be painted or decorated!) with jute twine for hanging. Suitable for felt, aida, paper or lightweight fabrics.

The small one measures 13cm and is perfect for displaying on of our 3" mini cross stitch designs

How to display!

1. Take your finished stitching from the hoop and give it a gently iron to remove any creases (put a piece of material between the fabric and the iron and apply the heat from the back not to ruin the stitching.

2. Hem the vertical edges of the work (you can fold and press; or fold, press and stitch). 

3. Open up the display frame (it's magnetic so just pull apart), and place the work between the wooden frames. Hang and admire your work! 

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