Cute Easter Bags!

Cute Easter Bags!

We made the cutest little Easter bags - perfect for egg hunts or gifts - from a £2 table runner from Poundland! It's in the sweetest yellow gingham and uses a bit of nifty sewing and basic bag making technique. Handmade is so lovely and you can trim them with anything you have in your stash.

Easter Treat Bags

Easter bag

How To Make!

1. Take the table runner, lay it flat and cut into 4 equal pieces.

2. Roll the raw edge over twice and stitch along the edge to make a hem.

3. Fold the flat piece in half with the hand-sewn hems meeting and the fabric with the right side together. Stitch along each side to make bag shape.

4. Put your hand into the bag and push the corner out to create a point (as picture). Pin and draw a line across (With the seam at a 90 degree angle to your line) and stitch along it. Cute the excess off and repeat on the other corner.

4. Turn the bag out the right way and add some ribbon/webbing as a handle.

Leave plain or make some pom-poms to go on the front, or,  you could stitch initials or an easter themed design!