Monday Motivation!

Monday Motivation!

Morning, hope you had a lovely weekend! As promised here is the free pattern for the 'Make Things Every Day' cross stitch pattern. If you don't have your own supplies for this one you can buy a pack with all the supplies HERE! 

This is a bold and colourful cross stitch and has been inspired by a motto that I am trying to live by at the moment. The crafters, stitchers, knitters and crocheters among us will know the benefits of crafting and creating and how good it is for keeping fingers busy and a calm mind. So I am now making more time for making! But this isn't to say that I am going to pile the pressure on and feel bad for not getting crafty and creating something amazing on a daily basis. The 'making things' can be applied to anything creative and hands on.

For example, over the weekend I wrapped a birthday gift and added some fun pompoms and ribbon to the parcel and then spent some time making a birthday card with my little boy. Yesterday I picked some flowers from my garden which i arranged into the cutest and most fragrant posy and spent a little time drawing with large Gin. It's the taking time out for you - anything counts! 

Enjoy this project - it's a perfect piece for your craft room or workspace! 

Ruth x

*your free pattern!*