Stitched Easter Hoop

Stitched Easter Hoop

The Easter Holidays have started for many of the team at TMA and we have planned some cute Easter content for you (and for us!). 

We LOVE an easter craft - the pastel hues and spring themes are so uplifting at this time of year, so hope you can find some time to do this one! This is a fun hoop tutorial that can be easily made with kids if you are looking for crafty entertainment, or you can make to give as an alternative Easter gift using favourite fabrics from you stash, or some upcycled material from clothing, bedding etc.

We've made up some fun Easter projects for you! This is a very easy Easter Hoop which is a small amount of cutting and sewing and a couple of hours crafting time. Some of the supplies you can get from the MAKE shop on our new website.


You will need:Fabric (vintage or stash fabrics are perfect!), Felt5" hoopStuffing (or scrap materials), needle and threadscissors and ribbon, glue, Easter template (we used a bunny shape cookie cutter!)

things needed to make a cute easter hoop

How to make:1. Draw round your easter template onto the felt and then cut it out. 2. Put your fabric in the hoop, make sure its nice and tight, and position the felt template in the middle and stitch it on.

Stitching the felt to the hoop

3. Stitch around the felt template but leave a gap so you can push some stuffing under the felt to create a raised, padded effect. Use a pencil to push the stuffing into the ears and then stitch up the gap.

4. Trim the fabric and glue it behind the hoop. Add any trims (we popped a cute bow on!) and put it on your Easter display!

Easter hoop with fabric