The Summer of LOVE (IS LOVE!) July 03 2019

LOVE is LOVE. We are so happy with this months exclusive embroidery pattern that's available for you to download and sew. It's an positive and colourful statement embroidery design that we have made into a piece of hoop art. We have enlarged it and I am attempting to sew it in pastel hues on a cushion... Watch this space! This would love AMAZING on a tote bag or t-shirt don't you think?

If you have the supplies at home you can get stitching and we have put some ideas on how to transfer it on to fabric but if you want to buy the supplies for this project we have them in our store. It's a unboxed kit, and includes a piece of printed embroidery fabric to sew over. It's also a 5" hoop - not something we do very often! 

On an embroidery note, have you ever tried to stitch a French Knot? I have to confess I have only recently mastered them, so if you are new to embroidery fret (k)not - once you master them you'll be addicted. I found a really old embroidery book in a charity shop with some easy instructions - I plan to share a tutorial at some point! 

*Here is your pattern, if you print it full size on A4 it will fit a 5" hoop*